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Hi, I'm McKinley Slade, a professional in the field of home mold treatment and removal. If you've recently discovered mold infecting your home, let's face it, you've got serious problems. Not only is mold hazardous to your home, resulting in decreased property values, but more importantly mold is a serious health problem, directly causing many short term and chronic diseases. I've created this site to provide information for the average home owner. Here you'll gather important information to better arm yourself in the war against mold. So stick around, read and ask questions and together we fight the good fight in this battle against mold.

Mold Killer Getting Rid of Mold Permanently

Mold can pose a threat to ones health if the person does not take the necessary measures to eliminate and remove it. Mold killer can be used to get rid of mold permanently. There are certain mold removal products available in the market that will get rid of the mold but will not prevent it from returning but by getting rid of the molds nourishment that it feeds on to survive. Therefore, one needs to find a mold killer that will not only remove the mold but also prevent it from coming back. Fungicide is one such option and is better than bleach for the reason that it removes the mold spores along with removing the odor.

Ozone is another alternative that one can use in order to fix their mold problem. This particular mold killer helps to disinfect and sanitize all the areas of ones home that have been exposed to or infected with mold. Furthermore, it kills other harmful bacteria that may be present in the air that may cause an individual or their family to fall ill. Carrying out a high ozone shock treatment in an unoccupied room is an effective way to kill mold. One must however, make sure that there is no one present in the room at the time of the treatment since high levels of ozone are harmful to people but will destroy mold and bacteria spores on contact. It is also essential to wear protective gear such as a face mask and chemical resistant gloves in order that one does not inhale any mold spores. If one combines the ozone with a HEPA filter, they will have the most effective and perfect mold killer.

If one does not have a proper air filtering or ventilation system in their home, there are certain sprays available in the market to kill mold. All one needs to do is spray the area with the product and then wipe it clean, after which one is required to rinse it off with soap and water, however when doing this they need to make sure that the infected area has been dried completely otherwise the mold will grow back. In order to avoid mold growth, one needs to avoid moisture from becoming a breeding ground for mold. Is is advisable to use baking soda when cleaning any surfaces in the house as it prevents any mold growth. This is as a result of the PH factor in baking soda that is not favorable to mold, especially black mold. Vinegar is one more natural mold killing product that one can make use of and is also readily available in most homes.

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